A camera, and the kitchen. The two parts of my life that have been inseparable for as long as I can remember. I can’t do without either of them. And this blog is where the two of them collide. 

My hope for this blog is that I can simplify the cooking process a little for you. To help you step back from the “recipe” and look for the technique or the underlying foundation of the dish you’re trying to cook. I’ll do my best to explain why things work.

Let’s face it, cooking can feel like a chore sometimes, when you’re at the end of a long day, and ordering take out feels like the only option you can deal with. We’ve all been there. 
But armed with a little understanding and a few rules, you’ll be able to skip the recipe and start improvising in no time.

My tip for getting better, faster, is to get in the kitchen and make things when you’re not hungry, or when others aren’t waiting for you to feed them. That way, you approach things differently, you think clearly, you can analyse things better, and you’re not under pressure. And keep a note book handy in the kitchen. Write stuff down. Because you will forget. Do it during, if you have the time, or when you’re done. Write down as much as you can, or at least scribble a picture.

Use your tongue as your guide, it’s hardly ever wrong. And as you get better, your ears and nose will seem to take over. These three senses, along with your imagination will eventually become all you need.

And don’t worry about mistakes, if you want to cook, you’ll make plenty.  Over time I’ve come to love mistakes. Finding the boundaries of all things, and in that, discovering new and unexpected tastes and flavours. Often I will cook an ingredient until it breaks, just to know where that boundary really is.

Home for me is Hong Kong. One of the best cities in the world to eat. In my family we speak Italian, English, Cantonese and food. Food is the mother tongue that ties us all together. It’s is the common language where we all understand each other but can happily disagree on almost everything.

By day I’m a photographer and documentary maker, and when I’m not doing either of those two things, I can usually be found in a kitchen. Cooking has always been my therapy, and my happy place. And sharing the happy place with you is the goal. Building your confidence and knowledge to help you get comfy in your own kitchens. Grab your apron, a knife and a pot and let’s get started.